Mendoza Produced 69% Of Argentina’s Wine Harvest

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2013 was a good year for Mendoza vineyards, as production surged back to historical levels following a disappointing 2012.

The 2013 Argentina wine harvest resulted in 28.51 million quintals (100 kilograms) of grapes, a 28% increase over the 22.30 million quintals harvested in 2012, according to Cronista. The 2013 rebound was something to celebrate following the 2012 harvest which was Argentina’s second-worst in the past decade.

In terms of provincial production, Mendoza and San Juan accounted for a whopping 94% of the Argentine grapes harvested this year. The National Wine-Growing Institute (INV) says Mendoza vineyards were responsible for 69% of all Argentine grapes followed by San Juan which accounted for 24.9% of the production. Mendoza posted a 33% increase in total production over last year, while San Juan growers picked 22% more grapes.

INV’s Guillermo Garcia wraps up the 2013 Harvest with a rich Malbec-colored bow: “We ended the year with a very good harvest in terms of quantity and also quality. It was an average crop, a normal crop, an expected crop which is comes in handy for the producer, because these are volumes that compensate for some price resistance.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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