Uruguay Agribusiness Rapidly Transforming Country’s Fortunes

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A powerful new op-ed in El Observador sheds light on the rapid evolution of agribusiness investments in Uruguay thanks to booming crop yields, new technology and record revenues attracting new waves of domestic and foreign investors.

“Uruguay agribusiness is growing and changing at a fascinating pace in terms of size and perseverance. Uruguay cattle, dairy, agriculture and forestry all have their own producers thinking, investing and ready to expand,” writes Uruguay farm consultant ByA/strong>.

“This year’s soy and corn harvests will set new records, and the recent Expoactiva clearly demonstrated the willingness of Uruguay farm owners to invest in very sophisticated technology. We have witnessed ten uninterrupted years of transformations and increasingly bigger bets on agribusiness,” ByA marvels.

The author saves his most effusive praise for Uruguayan soy, “a crop around which an entire industrial complex has grown and a bean which has so transformed the county’s interior that anyone traveling the Uruguay countryside will encounter a landscape totally different from just five years ago.”

Behind every good harvest, there’s great infrastructure and Uruguay boasts “a constellation of small and medium-size businesses dedicated to planting, caring for and transporting crops, labs that analyze soil conditions, seeds and grains, shipping companies, agronomists and mechanics all working together to help farmers in Uruguay.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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