Uruguay Boasts The Highest Cattle Per Capita Rate In The World

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“El Pais de la Carne” (The Country of Meat) is how Spain’s El Mundo describes Uruguay in an article highlighting more steak and sheep superlatives in this beautiful country de carnivoros.

First, the average Uruguayan consumes 208 pounds of meat (94.7 kilos) per year, the highest consumption rate in the world. Second, Uruguay’s 3.4 million residents are now outnumbered by cattle 4 to 1.

With 14 million head of cattle in Uruguay, the country now boasts the highest cattle per capita rate in the world. The ratio was only 3:1 in 2009 reflecting the recent surge in Uruguay beef production to meet global demand. In dollar terms, the top five importers of Uruguay beef in 2011 were Russia (24%), the US (9%), Israel (8%), Germany and Brazil (6% each).

Uruguay is on pace to export US$1.41 billion worth of beef this year, a 5% increase over last year’s US$1.34 billion. Adding in Uruguay lamb, poultry and other meat exports, the country exported over 411,000 tons of meat in 2011 worth an estimated US$1.66 billion, an 18% increase compared to the US$1.40 billion in Uruguay meat products shipped in 2010. (Full Story in Spanish)

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