Uruguay: The Land Of 3 Million That Plans To Feed 50 Million Worldwide

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Some of the most informative and objective articles about Uruguay’s farming progress and  competitive advantages come from the outside looking in. Such is the case of this week’s analysis from Bolivia’s leading newspaper, La Razon.

“Uruguay Applies Smart Agro To Feed 50 Million” is the title of the article which charts the exponential growth of Uruguay’s productive farmland thanks to direct seeding, 100% cattle traceability, center pivot irrigation systems, responsible soil management programs, mathematical models, data mining and the adoption of new technology like drones, satellites and intelligent harvesters.

“For us, the harvesting of information is almost as important as the harvesting of grains,” local farmer Gabriel Carballal tells La Razon. That harvesting of data has been a key in Uruguay raising its level of farm productivity from feeding 9 million people in 2005 to 28 million today. Now the country has set the goal of being able to feed 50 million consumers worldwide.

The article continues: “This traditional cattle country has managed to triple its agricultural land. In fact, with only 3.3 million inhabitants and 15 million hectares (37m acres) suitable for production, Uruguay has one of the world’s highest ratios of arable land per capita. It’s also the only country with four times more cattle than people, each with its own electronic chip allowing the traceability of every single cut of beef for consumption.”

Agriculture Minister Tabare Aguerre says “Agro-intelligent Uruguay” has grown out of five decades of R&D and close collaboration between the state and the country’s private producers. (Full Story in Spanish)

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