Uruguay Timber Growers Benefit From US New Construction

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The recent increase in US residential construction activity has been good news for Uruguay timber growers, according to the country’s leading forestry association.

Uruguay is exporting significantly more lumber and plywood to the United States this year, a trend that is forecast to continue through 2013 and increase in 2014, says Carlos Faroppa, the director of the country’s Society of Forestry Producers (SPF).

US demand for plywood and other building materials is coming at a time when European Union demand is still relatively weak. El Pais says the rise in US exports is coming on the heels of increased Uruguay wood exports to Mexico and key Central American markets where demand is strong.

In 2012, Mexico absorbed much of the wood that would have typically been exported to the US. Now that US construction activity is picking up, North American markets are poised to be the most important destinations for Uruguay wood exports over the next few years. (Full Story in Spanish)

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