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InvestBA is dedicated to promoting real estate investment opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay for private investors and companies abroad.

With a population approaching 14 million residents, Buenos Aires is a dynamic marketplace where European sophistication meets Latin hospitality.

For decades, Buenos Aires has been referred to as “The Paris of South America;” however, a more apt description today would be “The Manhattan of South America,” given the city’s 24/7 atmosphere, undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and thriving cultural scene.

Foreign investors should be encouraged by the fact that recent elections in Argentina suggest a more pro-business, free market mentality is taking hold. Plus the current government of the City of Buenos Aires has made steady progress in the areas of social service improvements, infrastructure enhancements and general transparency.

In short, the business and political climates are very positive for foreign investors considering expanding a business, exporting goods or buying real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay.

Going forward, InvestBA will serve as a window to some of these opportunities, so please enjoy and contact us if you are looking for specific information regarding Buenos Aires and investment opportunities in this incredibly beautiful and thoroughly livable metropolis.