VanityBA: Hurricane Laura Leaves Beer Trail Of Controversy

argentine beer commercial

The Andes beer campaign shows the damage caused by Argentine hurricanes Laura and Marta.

Sandy. Alicia. Gloria. Why are the most devastating hurricanes always named after women? This is the question posed by a new beer commercial which is whipping up both sales and controversy in Argentina.

The Category 4 comparison is made before introducing viewers to Gustavo, a young Argentine whose home has been destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

Gustavo sulks through his ransacked abode room-by-room showing Laura’s trail of devastation. Apparently Laura left in the middle of the month and took paintings, the windows, the dining room table, the toilet, the bidet, and even the light bulbs.

Gustavo finds solace with a friend and a cold Andes beer in his now pool-less backyard.  A woman can take everything, except your friends is the closing caption followed by a quick clarification, Bah, if she wants she can take them too. 

Hurricane Laura and another spot featuring Hurricane Marta generated a backlash from Argentine women’s groups who said the ads portray women as materialistic and men as victims, according to Los Andes’ Veronica de Vita. The beer company responded this week by publishing apologies in two Mendoza newspapers.

Presumably the cost of the printed apologies has been more than offset by the waves of free publicity being generated by Argentina’s first two official hurricanes. (Full Story in Spanish)