Argentina Social Gaming Studios Attracting The Creative Class

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Vostu Buenos Aires

95% of all social games and apps created in Buenos Aires are made for foreign companies.

The number of video game studios keeps growing in Argentina, and the demand for creative professionals keeps rising along with the complexity of games being developed for smartphones and tablets.

According to iProfesional’s Cecilia Novoa, there are now 65 video game studios in Argentina, and 95% of the games and apps they produce are exported to foreign countries with the United States being the number one destination.

The Argentina Association of Video game Developers (ADVA) says 85% of the country’s video game studios were founded after 2000, the average age of workers is 27, and most of the studios are focused on developing games for smartphones, social networks like Facebook and other avenues of digital content distribution for corporate clients. ADVA says the explosion of global demand for these types of “casual games” is what is sustaining the Argentine studios and local companies.

Just like Hollywood studios, the Argentina video game studios draw on talented individuals from a wide range of industries to create original games and apps. Programmers, designers, artists, illustrators, engineers, actors, screenwriters, musicians and testers are just a few of the job descriptions of workers at Buenos Aires videogame studios like Gameloft, InfinixSoft and Vostu.

Novoa says the Argentina’s role in the gaming world has evolved from being a mere software factory (2003-2007) and wannabe player in the creation of games for consoles like Playstation, Wii and Xbox. Today the focus is firmly on making games and apps for smartphones, tablets and social networks. And unlike console games which can take 2-4 years to complete, Novoa says Argentine studios can crank out new social games and apps every month. (Full Story in Spanish)

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