Atlanta, Buenos Aires & A Big Splash of Coke

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Atlanta Buenos Aires Coca-Cola

Southern Style: Atlanta and Buenos Aires are finding more ways to work and play together.

While they are not official “Sister Cities,” Atlanta and Buenos Aires are certainly showing signs of mutual interest and future flirtation. Just last week Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin met with BA Mayor Mauricio Macri and exchanged a variety of best practices regarding cultural, urban transit and environmental programs.

The most exciting news from a BA tourism standpoint was the joint announcement that BA would play host to an International Jazz Festival while Atlanta would sponsor Tango Appreciation Week. Both announcements were undoubtedly well received by Atlanta-based Delta Airlines which offers daily non-stops between the Capital of the South and the Argentine capital.

And more Atlanta/Buenos Aires good vibrations were felt this week when the Argentine National Team, recently on the verge of elimination, defeated Uruguay and qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. In a twist of international futbol irony, Pepsi sponsors the U.S. National Team, while The Coca-Cola Company is the official sponsor of Argentina. The Atlanta-based company and its beverage brands (including Dasani and Powerade) are not only synonymous with the National Team, their creative ad campaigns (YouTube Video) demonstrate a real understanding of the passion for futbol in BA.