VanityBA: Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2012 Showcases Fall/Winter Collections

Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2012

This year’s BAFWeek features 28 showrooms and 36 collections over four days in Palermo.

Buenos Aires Fashion Week, the city’s most important fashion event kicks off today through Friday at La Rural in Palermo. A preview event was held last night with the Vitamina collection at Paseo Alcorta, but the main event begins today with 8 collections including Varanasi, Evangelina Bomparola, Vicki Otero and Wanama.

BAFWeek official Kika Tarelli says this year’s edition features a record number of designers (36) and showrooms (28) with a good mix of familiar names like Wanama, Tramando and Hermanos Estebecorena interspersed with talented newcomers like Fabian Zita, Chocolate and Y 12-Na.

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires will use BAFWeek as a platform for showcasing the importance of the fashion industry in Buenos Aires as a magnet for creative talent and an engine for economic growth. The City’s Design District in Barracas is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the design industry and providing a launching pad for local fashion designers trying to reach a larger global audience.

In an effort to boost the design industry in Buenos Aires, the City will host a series of panel discussions during BAFWeek focused on new sector opportunities, the use of sustainable materials in fashion, and design as a tool to improve business development. The discussions are free and open to the public, while tickets for the collections range from $30-$80. (Official Website)

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