The Buenos Aires Audiovisual District In Palermo Hollywood

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The City of Buenos Aires has a vision for attracting more audiovisual industry and production companies to Palermo Hollywood and surrounding neighborhoods.

In an interview today with, Economic Development Minister Francisco Cabrera says, “We want to recreate the Tech District model in the Audiovisual District, a zone which encompasses Palermo Hollywood and extends to Chacarita and Paternal. We want to encourage more audiovisual companies to invest here.”

Unlike the Tech District which had to start from scratch, the A/V District has been in existence for at least fifteen years when a handful of radio and TV production companies first began to relocate their operations to Palermo. For that reason, Cabrera believes the A/V promotional pitch “will be much simpler, because there are already 400 A/V companies in the City and 100 of them are in Palermo. The idea is to give them tax incentives to move to the District, and they in turn give new life to these neighborhoods.”

Cabrera says the promotion of the Tech District was the Ministry’s crowning achievement in 2010.”The District has been a success and is changing the neighborhood (of Parque Patricios).” The priority for 2011 will be “expanding the District, it’s one of the most important tools for promoting high-tech industry in the City of Buenos Aires.” In closing, he also points to the new Metropolitan Design Center as another business development magnet which is promoting investment in Barracas and prioritizing BA’s economic transformation to service exporter. (Full Story in Spanish)

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