Why Buenos Aires is “The Paris, NYC, Barcelona & Rome of South America”

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Buenos Aires receives her fair share of virgin travel writers who arrive, fall in love, and share their adventure with the readers back home in Shaker Heights or Des Moines. The same could be said of Adrian Brijbassi of the Toronto Star, but his Travel Ode to BA put this travel writer on a different plateau with a level of street cred rarely seen in first-time visitors.

First and foremost, he did not describe BA as the Paris of South America, the lamest of monikers that doesn’t do the city justice. Brijbassi to the rescue. He explains why Buenos Aires is the Paris (wide boulevards and architecture), NYC (talented artists everywhere), Barcelona (epic nightlife) and Rome (The Teatro Colon) of Latin America.

Dig a little deeper and you see why Brijbassi earns additional “buena imagen en la calle”: he and Star Travel Editor Jim Byers are circling the globe on The Grand Tour in search of “10 of the world’s most outstanding destinations.” Byers and Brijbassi chose Buenos Aires along with Rome, Tokyo, Cape Town, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Maui, Sydney and two more cities to be determined.

Brijbassi’s review runneth over with appreciation, passion and finally more BA street cred for his selections of Where to Stay (Alvear Palace), Where to Eat (El Mirasol), and Where to Dance (Asia de Cuba). And one final observation seals this BA travel review as one for the ages: “Even in Buenos Aires less vivacious neighbourhoods, you sense the confidence of a world-class city that knows it can survive any turmoil. You also feel people’s pride in living here.” Amen. (The Grand Tour: Buenos Aires)

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