Rosario Approves Construction Of New Indoor Arena

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The City of Rosario is one step closer to having a state-of-the-art indoor arena to host major concerts, sporting events and the growing number of major conferences and expos that Argentine cities are playing host to annually.

Impulso Negocios says the absence of such a facility was long viewed as a competitive disadvantage for Rosario compared to cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Mendoza, so construction was approved on Thursday with little opposition.

The new US$18 million arena will be able to accommodate 14,000 spectators in a variety of seating configurations for concerts and sporting events like basketball, boxing and tennis matches. The building will also be able to accommodate cars, harvesters and large machinery which opens the door for hosting more agricultural and industrial expos.

The website of the arena’s architects, Marchetti Sylvestres Begnis, says this arena will revitalize an area of Rosario that has long been neglected due to a lack of necessary funds. The former site of the Rosario Rural Society “will once again become a site for expos and events after more than 100 years.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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