Flush with Reais, Brazilian Tourists Flocking to Buenos Aires

Patrick Archer arts & entertainment, culture, tourism

With the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics on the horizon, Brazil has the high-profile task of welcoming the World to its doorstep for, not one, but two major sporting events in the coming decade.

But where do Brazilians go when they need a little D&R (Descanso e Relaxmento)? Well judging by the Portuguese-speaking throngs on the slopes of Bariloche or in the trendiest parrillas in Puerto Madero, Argentina is a safe bet.

An article in Brazil’s Primeira Edicao newspaper confirms Buenos Aires’ popularity for a variety of reasons including diversity, proximity and bottom-line affordability: For many, Buenos Aires is the most European city in the Southern Hemisphere, most resembling cities like Paris, Madrid and Rome. Her intense cultural life, beautiful architecture, and excellent dining and leisure options make the Argentine capital a favorite destination for many Brazilians who want to visit a metropolis that is vibrant, cultured and, most importantly cheap.”

The article notes that a Brazilian real is today worth 2.2 Argentine pesos, thus making cities like Buenos Aires extremamente acessi­vel. So Congrats, Brazil…enjoy your little Games. While you’re busy entertaining politicians and IOC officials, Buenos Aires will be entertaining Brazilians…and they’re a hell of a lot more fun. (YouTube)