VanityBA: Is Buenos Aires The World’s Most Exciting City?

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In his article “Buenos Aires, Metropolis of the Zeitgeist” for German website Spiegel Online, Georg Diez discusses the contradictions and illusions of Buenos Aires, one of the world’s most exciting cities: “a place where nothing is quite as it seems and the past constantly intermingles with the future.”

Diez speaks with some of the city’s most creative minds and learns a bit about how BA is developing and what makes it so unique. The author notes, “the world’s attention is currently focused on Buenos Aires’ art scene, on its literature, but most of all on the city itself, which is itself a work of literature.”

Artist Marcos Lopez‘s vivid, exaggerated, and politically-charged photos, which he has dubbed “Pop Latino,” are inspired by the city he calls home. “I always start by imagining the opposite of what I see,” he says,” and by confronting the underdeveloped world with the developed world, he shows the viewer “we are like you, and yet not like you.”

Author Cesar Aira, one of the city’s premier contemporary writers, whose novella-length works are both philosophical and disarmingly beautiful, posits “the longer a book is, the less it is literature.” Although he is a bonafide storyteller, Aira’s work does not reject the real world; rather, it is addicted to the world, but wary of how the world presents itself. With authors like this, it is no surprise Argentina is the guest of honor at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

Diez describes Buenos Aires as “a city of European restlessness, capitalist rumblings and magnificent defeat.” It is foreign, yet retains a sense of familiarity, with Recoleta’s private palaces recalling the opulence of Paris and Palermo’s artsy narrow streets resembling Brooklyn’s Williamsburg or Berlin’s Mitte district.

Despite the hipster vibe given off in Palermo, Diez says “there’s a fusion restaurant (on every corner) offering Peruvian-Japanese or Scandinavian-Argentine cuisine, with black vodka and ceviche with mango on the menu.” The word “glocal” has become a common term used to refer to the melting pot that is Buenos Aires. A hybrid of “global” and “local,” it attempts to capture the elusive hybrid reality of the city itself. Martin Boerr and Agustin Yarde Buller, creators of online magazine Libertarian, are the embodiment of this concept.

We’re taking revenge on the trash by transforming it into something beautiful,” they claim. The theme of Libertarian and presumably of their own lives: Create your own adventure. Buenos Aires, with its manic past and promising future, is the place to do just that. (Full Story)

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