Las Cañitas Neighborhood Grows Up As The Nightlife Moves Out

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The popular Buenos Aires neighborhood of Las Cañitas is taking on more of a family feel as bars, boliches and restaurants leave the barrio once known for its culinary offerings and upscale nightlife.

“Las Cañitas in Palermo used to be a required destination when choosing a complete outing including cocktails, dinner and a fashionable nightclub. Everything is so close, often all on the same block. But in recent years the landscape has suffered a metamorphosis, and the constant movement appears to be a thing of the past, especially on the weekends,” writes La Nacion’s Marina Mon.

Mon points to the number of bars and restaurants that have closed in recent years. Of the 28 bars that closed recently in Buenos Aires, one-third were located in Las Cañitas. Simultaneously at least 15 restaurants have left the popular barrio since 2012 including Soul Cafe, Campo Di Fiori, La Mensula, La Imprenta, La Stampa and Piegari Piazza.

“The triangle bordered by Dorrego, Libertador and Luis Maria Campos avenues is the heart of this exclusive neighborhood which serves as home to young couples, empty nesters and foreigners. Of the 42 blocks that make up Las Cañitas, the rectangle bordered by Baez, Arevalo, Ortega y Gasset and Arce is where the majority of bars and restaurants are located which attract locals, Europeans, Brazilians and Americans. The reality today is that there are fewer bars, and that has brought some relief to the neighbors,” writes Mon.

Marcos, a newspaper kiosk vendor at the corner of Arce and Ortega y Gasset has witnessed ten years worth of changes in Las Cañitas: “The nightclubs have left. There are still restaurants along Baez, but they close earlier. Before you would see drunks on the street at 4 or 5 in the morning, but now it’s more calm.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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