Montevideo QR Codes Bring Zapping To City’s Historic District

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The City of Montevideo is placing plaques with QR codes on some of the most treasured historic buildings in the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town).

A total of 39 buildings already bear the QR codes which make a walking tour of the historic district more enjoyable and informative from an architectural appreciation standpoint.

For instance, zapping the front door of the Club Uruguay (pictured) with a smartphone or tablet opens this page with photos and detailed information about the building’s origins, dimensions, renovations and historical significance.

The QR project originated in 2010 with support from the Inter-American Development Bank and the Japan Special Fund, according to El Pais’ Eduardo Delgado. By 2011 the City of Montevideo had built a database of over 2,300 properties, all of which can be accessed on the City’s official website searching by a building’s lot number or map location.

Now that every building, house and street in the Ciudad Vieja has been captured and catalogued, the City is ready to take the QR system to the Prado, another Montevideo neighborhood with its fair share of historic buildings. (Full Story in Spanish)

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