Robert De Niro Looking To Purchase A Mendoza Vineyard

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Jimmy Conway Cabernet? Travis Bickle Bonarda? Neil McCauley Malbec? Pairing is everything when it comes to fine wine and cuisine, and the pairing of the world’s greatest living actor with one of the world’s best wine producing regions would be a maridaje increi­ble.

According to Los Andes, Robert De Niro may soon join the list of celebrities investing in Mendoza vines. The legendary actor is interested in purchasing an approximately 100-acre vineyard in Mendoza. While the deal has not closed, the paper says negotiations for a vineyard in Vista Flores, Tunuyan are fairly advanced. It was only three months ago that U2 lead singer Bono was spotted in Mendoza shopping for his own private vineyard.

Juan Pablo Parapuno says the tentative name for Bobby D’s Argentine wine is fittingly Rodrigo Mendoza, the same name of the character he played opposite Jeremy Irons in the 1986 film, The Mission.

De Niro’s wine exports would serve an important role in the supply chain of Nobu, the Japanese restaurants of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, which De Niro originally brought to New York’s Tribeca neighborhood in 1994. Since then, De Niro has co-founded and provided creative direction for all Nobu restaurants worldwide. (Full Story in Spanish)

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