EnjoyBA: Here Comes the New Issue of InvestBA Privada

Privada Calendar 2011

Concerts, futbol, regattas, polo & tennis tournaments, even U2: The new Privada has your summer covered.

It’s now December 21 and only a precious few days remain. Until Christmas?  Bah. New Year’s.  Overrated. The release of the new issue of InvestBA Privada.  ¡Por supuesto!

And the Summer 2011 issue is brimming with content and eye candy: A three-month calendar of arts and cultural events, Argentine wine reviews, book reviews, an overview of unique coastal destinations in Uruguay, Q&A’s with Buenos Aires legal and financial professionals, a one-on-one interview with Argentina’s first “art producer,”and a guided tour of Argentina’s most prestigious equestrian polo school.

Privada, our quarterly e-zine, explores the various quality of life and investment opportunity themes of InvestBA in much greater detail for those who want to dig a little deeper.

It’s coming December 31, just in time for summer, so you can read it poolside, beachside or parkside in BA. And if you’re stuck in the Northern Hemisphere, you can warm yourself with wanderlust for Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay in summer. Enjoy!

InvestBA Privada