Tres Cruces Shopping Unwraps $38 Million Expansion Today

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Tres Cruces Montevideo

Given the presence of the bus terminal, Tres Cruces has to be the busiest place in Montevideo.

One of Montevideo’s largest shopping centers is celebrating a two-year, $38 million expansion and renovation project which concludes today and officially opens to the public tomorrow morning.

The Tres Cruces complex sees more traffic than the average mall because, in addition to hosting 100 retail outlets, the ground level also serves as the city’s main bus terminal. The terminal, which originally opened in 1994, serves over 20 million bus passengers each year.

Tres Cruces 2.0 will see the addition of 60 new stores to the current 100, the expansion of parking with 600 new spaces and widening of the bus terminal ramps and platforms.

According to El Pais, new retail offerings will include Nike Factory, Sport City, Motociclo and Multiahorro Hogar. Many existing stores like Parisien, Ta-Ta and Tiendas Montevideo are all expanding.

The total cost of the Tres Cruces expansion and renovation was $38 million, of which $30 million went toward the expansion of the shopping center and bus terminal. The inauguration of the new facility takes place tonight at 20:00, and the new stores opens to the public tomorrow at 9:00. (Full Story in Spanish)

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