Uruguay Casinos On Pace For Another Record Year

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Uruguay Casino Hotel

Uruguay casino revenue will get another boost when the new Sofitel Casino Carrasco opens in Montevideo.

We’re only eleven days away from the beginning of the 2012-2013 season, according to a new story in Argentinas’ El Diaro del Juego. Summer season? No, Casino Season.

Uruguay actually has a “Casino Season,” and the 2012-2013 kickoff event will be a lavish affair next Friday at the historic Argentino Hotel in the coastal town of Piriapolis.

And according to new numbers from the Uruguay Casino Gaming Commission, there will be plenty to celebrate. Uruguay casinos are on pace to set a new record of US$4.9 billion in revenue for 2011-12. This year has seen the opening of a new casino hotel in Salto, as well as the renovation of large casinos in Mercedes and on the Brazilian border in Chuy.

Friday, December 21 is the official start of the 2012-13 casino season, and celebrations will take place at Uruguay casinos in Piriapolis, Atlantida and of course Punta del Este. The latter is unveiling a newly renovated casino in the Punta Shopping Center.

In other Uruguay casino news, the highly anticipated opening of the Sofitel Casino Carrasco in Montevideo may be postponed to next March, but the Paris-based hotelier is giving us an inside look at the interior of the hotel and the future guest rooms. (Full Story in Spanish)

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