VanityBA: Palermo The Preferred Destination For Buenos Aires Dining

Kansas Grill Buenos Aires

Nuestro Barrio: Palermo restaurants like Kansas Grill are filled with locals on the weekends.

When it comes to dining out, the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo is far and away the favorito gastronomico for locals, according to a recent poll conducted at the Buenos Aires Market food fair.

According the La Nacion’s Angeles Castro, 53.5% of all respondents said they prefer dining out in Palermo. In fact, Palermo took the top three spots in the ranking with Palermo Soho (26%), Las Canitas (15%) and Palermo Hollywood (12%) named the three best barrios for culinary adventures in Buenos Aires.

After Palermo, the next four favorite BA dining destinations were Recoleta and Puerto Madero (11.7% each), Microcentro (6.3%) and Belgrano (5.9%).

Palermo’s dominance in the dining poll can be explained by the fact that locals accounted for 92% of the responses while tourists submitted only 8%. Castro says locals would rather dine away from downtown and the areas most commonly associated with work, while tourists often show an intestinal inclination toward more tourist-centric areas of Buenos Aires like Puerto Madero, Recoleta and San Telmo.

Regardless of the neighborhood, Buenos Aires diners also ranked their favorite types of restaurants with traditional Argentine restaurants topping the list followed by Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Organic and Spanish restaurants in that order.

In terms of dining frequency, 37% of locals say they eat out once a week, 23% eat out once a month and 21% dine out every weekend. (Full Story in Spanish)

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