Bachelorus Atractivitus: Why Buenos Aires Is Best For Bachelors

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When U.S. lifestyle magazines publish their annual rankings of the country’s top party schools, it generates the kind of publicity that makes college deans cringe.

When publishes their annual list of the world’s best cities for bachelors, it piques the kind of testosterone-fueled wanderlust that probably makes some girlfriends feel the same. And with BA checking in at #2 this year, the 2011 ranking is bound to shake a few guys out of the trust tree.

“New York City may be ‘The City That Never Sleeps,’ but compared to Buenos Aires, it is dozing on the couch with a romance novel,” says AskMen marveling at the BA work/life balance, “Nobody does it the way portenos do it: They are out till 7 a.m. and at the office by 9 a.m.”

While Barcelona may have topped this year’s ranking, BA’s three-year trajectory in the ranking suggests #1 may be a lock for 2012. AskMen ranked Buenos Aires #13 in 2009, #8 in 2010 and #2 this year, a positive trend moving in lock step with record tourism inflows, GDP growth and real estate prices.

And for the first time, Uruguay got a taste of the bachelor love-fest with Montevideo/Punta del Este checking in at #20 and dubbed one of the world’s best beach cities. The MVD/PdE pairing makes about as much sense as saying Chicago/Miami is a great beach town, but who cares. If you’ve been out partying until 7 a.m., you’d rather find a good After Party on Playa Brava than quibble over semantics. #2 Buenos Aires, #20 Montevideo/Punta del Este

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