Palermo School Shuttered Suddenly To Make Way For High-Rise

Cerro colegio tradicional en Palermo

The private school will apparently be razed to make way for a new Palermo high-rise tower.

The Buenos Aires parents and teachers of several hundred students who attended a Palermo private school woke up New Year’s Day with a serious hangover, but Chandon and Fernet were not los culpables.

While most BA residents were out celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and family, professional movers were busy removing all of the furniture, desks, chalkboards and documents from the Colegio Guido Spano, a bilingual private school that first opened its doors in 1922.

“One of the movers told me had specific instructions to take everything including the trophies and bronze plaques. That’s when we knew something was up and we notified the other parents,” one mother told La Nacion’s Felicitas Sanchez.

According to Sanchez, the school’s administrators were unable to renegotiate their rent with the owner of the building at Billinghurst 1355, so they decided to close the school. Just like the parents, the Director of the City’s Private Education Department Beatriz Jauregui says she learned of the overnight raid and sudden closure through the media.

Dozens of parents gathered at the school’s entrance on Wednesday morning searching for answers from the city officials and police officers. The school is expected to reimburse parents for their 2014 academic deposits and teachers for their December salaries.

According to today’s Clarin, the owner of the building wants to tear down the school and build a high-rise.

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