The Best Buenos Aires Neighborhoods For Real Estate Investment

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A new government-sponsored study of Capital Federal using a wide range of metrics has generated a ranking of the best Buenos Aires neighborhoods for real estate investment.

“Urban Development Report: Panorama & Investment Opportunities in Buenos Aires” is the title of the analysis carried out by the City’s Ministry of Urban Development and the Real Estate Research Center of the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino.

BA neighborhoods were graded on several indicators within four broad categories of urban conditions, social variables, economic variables and the current level of real estate investment activity.

Two of the most important indicators were the current social conditions and the amount of green space in individual neighborhoods. More technical variables included the amount of undeveloped land available in each barrio, new construction potential given existing zoning laws and the level of current building density, according to the summary in today’s Clarin.

Based on these criteria, Palermo, Belgrano, Saavedra, Villa Lugano, Flores, Villa Urquiza and Villa Soldati are considered the most attractive Buenos Aires neighborhoods for real estate investment, while San Nicolas, Nueva Pompeya, Retiro and Constitucion are the least attractive. (Full Story in Spanish)

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