60% Of Buenos Aires Residents Live Alone Or With Another Person

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A City of Buenos Aires housing survey shows the average household is getting smaller, birth rates are falling and one-third of the city’s population is now over 50.

The annual Buenos Aires housing survey from the City’s Census and Statistics Board found that 31.7% of Buenos Aires residents live alone while 29.7% share space with another person. 16% of BA dwellings have three residents, 14% have four and only 7% have five or more inhabitants.

As far as the type of dwelling, almost 75% of Buenos Aires residents live in apartments or condominiums while the other 25% live in single-family homes. 57% of BA residents own their property and the land it was built on, 32% are renters and 11% own the property but not the land, according to La Nacion’s Angeles Castro.

In terms of sex, there are more women (54%) than men (46%) in Buenos Aires, slightly more male than female head of households (although that number is shrinking), and 39% of females surveyed do not have children.

Finally in terms of salaries, the neighborhoods with the highest income per capita were Palermo ($8,283 pesos), Belgrano, Colegiales and Nunez ($8,220) and Recoleta ($8,140).  (Full Story in Spanish)

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