Buenos Aires Arcos Finding New Life As Dining District

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It’s one of the best locations in Palermo in terms of entertainment, foot traffic and outdoor activities, but it has sat abandoned for 16 years.

A triangle-shaped parcel nestled between the Mitre and San Martin train trestles known as the Paseo de la Infanta is now coming back to life with a public plaza, towering sculpture and several new restaurants opening under the beautiful old brick arches of the elevated San Martin line.

La Nacion’s Pablo Tomino says neighbors are welcoming the new dining district with open arms including the adjacent Plaza de la Shoa and future Holocaust Memorial to be dedicated next month. The City of Buenos Aires has spent over US$200,000 since 2010 restoring the Plaza, and restaurants started committing to the district last year.

Fittingly, the first new restaurant to fire up the grill under the arches was the Golden Arches, making it one of the more architecturally unique McDonald’s in the world. Tomino says those looking for more than fast food will not be disappointed with the new Arcos de Buenos Aires Dining District. The next establishments opening under the arches include a sushi restaurant, a steakhouse, a pizzeria, a bar and a popular coffee franchise.

The process of breathing new life and cuisine under the Buenos Aires arches is meant to create an environment similar to Alexander Plaza in Berlin, writes Tomino. With the new Alto Palermo Galleria rising six blocks to the south, one can envision a similar gastronomic transformation along Avenida Juan B. Justo. (Full Story in Spanish)

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