Housing Study Sheds Light On Buenos Aires Average Rents

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The City of Buenos Aires’ Ministry of Housing just released a report which sheds some light on average monthly rental rates for larger units throughout Capital Federal.

While most market studies focus on one-room apartments or monoambientes, the new GCBA report focuses on supply, demand and average prices for two and three-room apartments in Buenos Aires.

According to Minuto Uno, the average rental rate for a 3-room apartment in barrios like Barracas, La Boca, Pompeya and Parque Patricios is $3,439 pesos (US$575 at the official rate).

The most affordable 3-room rentals can be found in Flores ($3,214 pesos or US$538), the most expensive are in Palermo ($6,082 pesos or US$1,018) and somewhere in the middle are neighborhoods like Caballito ($3,596 pesos or US$602) and Almagro ($3,795 pesos or US$635).

The report also looks at average rental rates for a typical two-room apartment in Buenos Aires with approximately 50 square meters or 538 square feet. Once again, the cheapest departamentos con dos ambientes were found in Flores ($2,778 pesos or US$465), the most expensive are in Palermo ($4,118 pesos or US$689) with barrios like Caballito ($3,072 or US$514) and Almagro ($3,235 or US$541) somewhere in the middle.

49% of all apartments available for rent in Buenos Aires have two-room floor plans, and 83% of current inventory are existing properties. The BA barrios with the largest slices of the apartments-for-rent-pie are Palermo (15%), Recoleta (10%), Belgrano (7%), Caballito (7%), Almagro (7%) and Villa Urquiza (6%). (Full Story in Spanish)

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