Buenos Aires Launches Free WiFi Service in City Parks

Patrick Archer ba government, buenos aires events, competitiveness, technology

The City of Buenos Aires took a major step yesterday toward maintaining its title as the Latin American metro with the most free WiFi hotspots.

At last count, the ratio was 1 hotspot per every 2,620 residents, a 72% improvement over the previous year. That ratio is sure to drop as BA’s Ministry of Environment & Public Spaces rolls out the new service in 26 city parks.

The first major city-sponsored WiFi switch was flipped yesterday in Plaza Houssey, a busy park surrounded by universities and businesses. Public Spaces Minister Diego Santilli explained the significance of the rollout: “Beginning today, the people can enjoy this public space using their cell phones and computers. This network is valuable, because it will benefit the many students who during the year travel to the universities in this area.”

He then shared the good news via Twitter: “En Plaza Houssey we took the first step for Buenos Aires. Intelligent City. Thanks to Mauricio Macri free WiFI in the porteno plazas.”

The 26 free WiFi networks which will be available 24/7 are being rolled out simultaneously by CableVision (16 networks) and Gowex (10 networks including Plaza Houssey). The Internet service, which does not require a password, has a speed range of 3 to 6 MB and is being provided by these companies at no cost to the City of Buenos Aires or the porteno park surfers. (Full Story in Spanish)