Buenos Aires Public Transport’s Decade Of Triple-Digit Fare Increases

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With another round of fare increases on the horizon for both Buenos Aires taxis and subways, which mode of public transportation has seen the largest fare hike over the past decade?

The initial fee or la bajada de bandera (lowering the flag) for a BA taxi was $1.44 pesos in 2004. That fee rose to $1.60 the following year, $3.10 in 2007, $3.80 in 2008 and $5.80 in 2010. Not one but two fare hikes in 2012 and 2013 rose the initial fee to $9.10 in 2012 and $11.00 in 2013. The current rate of $12.70 (US$1.60) represents a 781% increase over the past decade.

The meter rate or ficha for a BA taxi, which clocks every 180 meters traveled and/or 60-second interval the taxi is stationary, was $0.18 in 2004. In May that fee was raised from $1.10 to $1.27 which represents a 605% increase over the past ten years. For nighttime taxi service, the initial rate jumps to $15.20 pesos while the meter rate goes to $1.52.

The cost of a BA Subte pass in 2004 was $0.70 pesos, a state-subsidized fare which only saw a twenty cent increase in 2009 followed by more significant hikes once control of the Subte was transferred to the city. Subte fares more than doubled from $1.10 to $2.50 in 2012, rose to $3.50 in 2013 and reached $5.00 pesos this year or $4.50 for riders using the SUBE card. The current Subte fare of $5.00 (US$0.63) represents a 614% increase since 2004. (Full Story in Spanish)

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