2013 Brings New Ownership, Trains & WiFi For BA Subte

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After a tumultuous 2012 marked by a record number of strikes including the marathon 10-day work stoppage last August, the City of Buenos Aires officially assumed control of the Subte on New Year’s Day 2013, and the City wasted little time in announcing long overdue equipment upgrades. This is good news considering the positive correlation between BA property values and proximity to the Subte.

The first major enhancement will be the removal of the century-old wooden train cars of the A Line connecting Plaza de Mayo and Carabobo. Originally placed into service during the A Line’s 1913 inauguration, the rolling relics will be replaced by state-of-the-art subway cars (pictured) manufactured by China CNR Corporation Limited.

The next step in terms of system-wide upgrades will be the installation of free WiFi in all Subte stations. The two-phase rollout begins with WiFi service going live in the city’s busiest stations like Catedral and Retiro before April. By the end of 2013, the Ministry of Modernization plans to have WiFi connectivity in all Subte stations and trains.

According to Clarin’s Pablo Novillo, the City plans to address both passenger information and safety with the installation of automated kiosks, new security cameras and Metropolitan Police officers. The City also plans to purchase 250 additional subway cars, nearly half of which will go to the new north-south H Line which will eventually connect all existing Subte lines. (Full Story in Spanish)

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