Buenos Aires Launches Visionary Urban Greening Plan

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The City of Buenos Aires is planning a green urban revolution to add hundreds of acres of new parks and hundreds of thousands of new trees throughout the Argentine capital and global megacity over the next twenty years.

The plan, unveiled yesterday at the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, envisions adding 78 new neighborhood plazas, 12 large municipal parks, 400,000 new trees and 100 hectares (250 acres) of additional green space throughout Capital Federal by 2034.

“We did studies which confirmed that neighbors need access to green spaces that are not more than 350 meters (0.2 miles) from their residence. The criteria for selection and prioritization of each plaza will be based on the deficit of public space, population density and social vulnerability of each neighborhood,” said BA Minister of Urban Development Daniel Chain in an interview with La Nacion’s Agustina Mac Mullen.

The addition of 400,000 new trees will bring the total number in Buenos Aires to 1 million. 200,000 will be planted in the 100 new parks and plazas while the other half will be planted along city streets. Within ten years, the City plans to have a tree for every square meter of living space or one tree for every three residents.

The Buenos Aires Urban Greening Plan also envisions extending the new pedestrian-friendly grid concept downtown to other neighborhoods beginning with Belgrano and Caballito. These block modifications which augment green space and limit vehicle circulation to the main avenues are reducing noise and atmosphere pollution by 50%, CO2 emissions by 18% and extreme temperatures by 18%, writes Mac Mullen. (Full Story in Spanish)

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