China to Finance Construction of Buenos Aires Subte’s New G Line

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We’ve often remarked that China wants to rebuild Argentina’s entire rail infrastructure to speed up the delivery of Argentine commodities to dinner tables in Beijing and Guangzhou. Now it seems the Chinese will also be expediting the commute times of white collar portenos to their offices downtown.

Buenos Aires Minister of Finance Nestor Grindetti traveled to China last week with contract in-hand for the financing of the G Line which will eventually extend from Retiro to Cid Campeador. After months of negotiations, the contract was signed on Friday and, according to La Politica Online, the loan terms are US$1.4 billion for 15 years at an interest rate of around 7%.

Similar to the H Line, the City of Buenos Aires government views the G Line as a vital commuter link to under-served areas of Capital Federal with the added benefit of multiple transfer stations joining additional Subte lines. The G would begin at Retiro (Combination C, E, H), proceed up Avenida Cordoba to Santa Fe (Combination D, H), continue to Estado de Israel (Combination B) and finish at Cid Campeador. (Full Story in Spanish)

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