The Buenos Aires Metrobus Arrives; Connects Palermo With The South

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Months after the launch of Mejor en Bici, Buenos Aires is two months away from taking a major step forward in public transportation.

The Metrobus, a dedicated two-lane bus corridor intended to expedite cross-town bus trips, begins service in May. The first Metrobus line will extend the length of Juan B. Justo Avenue running from Palermo to Liniers with 25 raised-platform stations currently under construction.

City of Buenos Aires Urban Development Minister Daniel Chain tells La Nacion’s Angeles Castro the Metrobus will shave approximately 35 minutes off the current one-hour trip time from Liniers to Palermo by bus. The covered stations will be spaced every four blocks and feature wheelchair ramps and digital clocks displaying arrival times.

The Metrobus is essentially absorbing the 34 and 166 bus lines currently servicing the Juan B. Justo corridor. The unified bus service will share the same color, and Castro speculates they will sport the yellow of the PRO party. The yellow partitions surrounding the stations under construction would suggest she is right.

Metrobus projects have taken off in other Latin American metros like Bogota, Cali and Mexico City which received a 2009 award from John F. Kennedy’s School of Government for reducing commute times and greenhouse gas emissions by 80,000 tons per year. (Full Story in Spanish)

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