Downtown Buenos Aires Becoming A Pedestrian’s Paradise

La peatonalización del Microcentro de Buenos Aires

Once congested with vehicular traffic, downtown BA is downright walkable & increasingly liveable.

In our continuing five-part series this week of transformative projects in the City of Buenos Aires, our focus shifts to the heart of Downtown or the Microcentro where more streets are being converted to 100% pedestrian only or pedestrian-friendly zones.

For decades, Florida and Lavalle have been two of the most attractive and popular streets in downtown Buenos Aires for locals and tourists alike for one simple reason: no vehicular traffic.

More recently, Reconquista was added to the pedestrian-preferred mix creating another tree-lined zone filled with walkers, cyclists and locals lounging at outdoor Happy Hours.

Now, the City of Buenos Aires is preparing to take another giant step forward in converting another eight streets in the downtown grid to either 100% pedestrian only or, like Reconquista, pedestrian-preferred with 70% of the street dedicated to pedestrians and only 30% or one lane available for vehicular traffic.

The two streets that run parallel and on either side of Reconquista, 25 de Mayo and San Marti­n, are going to be 100% pedestrian only, a move that will add 17 new car-free city blocks running north from the Plaza de Mayo to Avenida Cordoba. Running perpendicular, six additional streets will have large sections converted to 70% pedestrian-preferred including Santa Fe, M.T. de Alvear, Sarmiento, Paraguay, Peron and Bartolome Mitre.

The conversion of these 43 downtown street segments officially began Monday and will be completed by year’s end. This is the first phase of the City’s plan to reduce vehicular traffic, noise and smog along 100 city blocks in the Microcentro. We prepared a Google Map which shows the downtown pedestrian grid. (Full Story in Spanish)

Tomorrow: The BA transformation that is reducing travel times for commuters throughout Capital Federal.

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