Final Three Stations For Subte’s H Line Win Approval

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Linea H Subte Mapa

The northern loop will connect Retiro, the Bus Station, Villa 31, the Law School & Recoleta. (Click to Enlarge)

The missing piece of the underground puzzle connecting northern and southern Buenos Aires finally won unanimous approval yesterday, and three new stations will complete the northern loop to Retiro.

The H Line of the Subte, which currently stops at Pueyrredon and Corrientes, will now extend north along Avenida Pueyrredon, intersect the D Line’s Pueyrredon station at Avenida Santa Fe, jog northeast seven blocks to the Las Heras station, zig-zag under Avenida del Libertador to the UBA’s Law School (Facultad de Derecho), dive right into Villa 31 with the Padre Mugica station, head southeast to the Bus Station (Terminal de Omnibus) and ultimately stop and connect with the Subte’s existing C Line underneath Retiro.

The completion of the H Line’s northern loop will eventually make it easier for commuters and travelers to reach some of BA’s most intense transit areas including the Retiro bus and train stations, the Once train station and the Constitucion train station reachable via the C Line at Retiro. The H Line currently extends south into Parque Patricios and the city’s emerging Tech District.

When the three new Subte stations are finished, the H will connect a total of thirteen stations along a 16 kilometer line and intersect the other major Subte lines at Once (A), Corrientes (B), Retiro (C), Santa Fe (D) and Humberto 1° (E). (Full Story in Spanish)

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