Model City: Miniature Buenos Aires Is A 3D Masterpiece

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Buenos Aires is a city where real estate developers typically make elaborate models to showcase new buildings, but nothing compares to this. Six architects from the BA Planning Department have created a 1:1,500 scale model of the entire City of Buenos Aires, the largest such model in all of Latin America.

Dubbed 48 Barrios, 15 Comunas, the 36 x 36 foot (11 x 11 meters) exhibit depicts the 14,200 city blocks, 318,000 lots and over 1.35 million buildings that make up Capital Federal. From the exact number of floors of each high-rise to the sprawling rail yards to the tiny blades of grass in public parks, the level of detail is staggering.

From an urban planning perspective, the sea of white interspersed with flashes of green and blue gives you a sense of just how developed Buenos Aires is today. Historic monuments and buildings like the Obelisco and the Casa Rosada are easily identifiable, as are modern-day cathedrals of shopping and sport like La Bombonera, Dot Baires, the Monumental and Calle Florida.

The model, which took over two years to build, was unveiled this weekend at the Abasto Galleria. According to La Nacion’s Julieta Paci, it will soon be on display in the Saavedra neighborhood before making the rounds in other BA barrios.

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