New Buenos Aires Expo & Convention Center “Rising” Below Recoleta

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The new Buenos Aires Convention & Expo Center (CEC) is under construction in Recoleta and promises to be another transformative project in terms of creating green space, enhancing quality of life and attracting large-scale expo tourism year-round.

The City of Buenos Aires is spending $336 million pesos (US$41.3 million) on the 22,000 square meter (234,000 square foot) project which is currently a giant demolition and excavation project to take the CEC underground. The demolition cleared several derelict warehouses behind the Law School, while the excavation is removing 170,000 cubic meters of earth to create three levels of underground convention spaces.

The CEC will be capped at ground level by a top layer of soil and grass creating another beautiful city park between the Law School and the Parque Thays. The project, another jewel in BA’s visionary Urban Greening Plan, will create another 65,000 square meters or 16 acres of public green space, according to La Nacion’s Angeles Castro.

The new Buenos Aires convention center will capitalize on the triple-digit growth in meeting and expo tourism in Buenos Aires and the city’s current ranking as the number one destination for expos in South America. Visitor access will be facilitated with the addition of 900 underground parking spaces, an integrated bus station and a Facultad de Derecho station on the new H Line of the Subte.

The CEC is scheduled to open in 2015. (Full Story in Spanish)

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