Buenos Aires Subte Adding Five New Stations This Year

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Buenos Aires Subway

Good & Bad: New trains and stations are coming, but the underground graffiti is getting out of control.

After years of delays due to political battles and a lack of new trains, the City of Buenos Aires plans to open five new Subte stations this year along the A, B and H Lines.

The first station, Hospitales on the H Line, opens this month followed by Echeverria and Juan Manuel de Rosas on the B Line in July and San Jose de Flores and San Pedrito on the A Line in August. The new stations will add approximately 100,000 new daily passengers and 8 kilometers of rails to the Subte network.

The next five Subte stations scheduled to open will all be along the new H Line which will ultimately allow passengers easier north/south connections with the A, B, D and E Lines. The first three stations; Cordoba, Santa Fe and Las Heras; are scheduled to open in 2015 when the City finally takes delivery of 120 new cars purchased from Brazil’s Alstom for US$216 million.

In more colorful Subte news, La Nacion’s Pablo Tomino says graffiti now covers 60% of all Subte cars. With no security cameras installed, taggers are breaking into the stations at night and spray painting the cars, windows and station walls. Only the A and H Line cars remain sans aerosol, because they are guarded overnight. Tomino says the cost for cleaning and repainting each car costs around US$8,000. (Full Story In Spanish)

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