New Buenos Aires Subway Station Improves Commute Times

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New Buenos Aires Subway Station Improves Commute Times

A new, long-awaited subway station opened this week on the H Line of the Buenos Aires Subte which is expected to boost ridership, improve system access, and reduce transit times for commuters in the City of Buenos Aires.

The new Santa Fe station in Recoleta is another positive step forward for the oft-delayed, highly-politicized north-south line that will one day connect Retiro in the North, Nueva Pompeya in the South and intersect every major east-west Subte line on the network. Santa Fe, the eleventh station on the H Line, is located at one of the city’s busiest intersections, Avenida Santa Fe & Pueyrredón.

Improved Connectivity, Commute Times

Underground, the new Santa Fe station has a temporary connection passage between the D and H lines which is scheduled to be finished by October, according to Sbase. The new station is expected to add 30,000 daily passengers to the H line which is the most modern and least utilized line in the city.

Like other new H line stations (Córdoba and Las Hera), the Santa Fe station is 100% accessible to those with disabilities thanks to a combination of elevators and Braille signage. The new Alstom trains that run along the H are also the most modern and accessible for those with disabilities in the city’s fleet.

In terms of transit times, the biggest beneficiaries are those residents living near the western most stations of the A, B, D and E lines who need to travel north or south within Capital Federal. Now instead of commuting downtown to the C line and doubling back, they will be able to move north and south along the H and save 10 to 20 minutes depending on their route.

H Line Future Stations & Projected Completion Date

Exactly three years and one week ago, the City approved funding for the final three stations on the H Line which will, upon completion, connect 14 stations along a 16-kilometer route stretching from Parque Patricios in the south to Retiro in the north.  The full length of the H line is now 7.3 kilometers connecting the 11 stations between Las Heras and Hospitales.

Considering construction of the H line commenced just over fifteen years ago (April 19, 2001), extrapolation suggests the H line should be complete in roughly 5,103 days or July 6, 2030…just in time to host the much less needed, yet equally fiscally responsible World Cup.

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