In Recoleta, BA Goes Underground to Solve the Parking Shortage

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Mitre Parking Lot in Recoleta

The Mitre parking lot is the first of 13 planned in the City of Buenos Aires (Source: CRIBA)

Parking in Buenos Aires is a problem, especially in areas of Capital Federal like Puerto Madero and Recoleta with high construction density and no Subte stations.

With dwindling available lot options for above-ground parking, the City of Buenos Aires decided to go underground with a new parking garage at Pueyrredon and Las Heras.

The Estacionamiento Mitre, which opens today, is a 123,000-square foot facility with 410 parking spaces spread over two underground levels. The above ground Emilio Mitre Plaza has been restored and even received an additional 21,000 square feet of new trees and green space, according to Clarin’s Romina Smith.

Smith says the Mitre facility and 12 other planned garages all form part of the City’s Responsible Mobility Program which encourages visitors to park on the outskirts of downtown and continue to their downtown destination by foot, bike, bus or Subte. Toward that end, the H Line of the Subte will soon add a Las Heras Station connecting the busy intersection with the A, B and E Lines. The Mejor en Bici program now needs a bike station and bike-friendly lanes around Puerryedon and Las Heras.

According to the construction company’s website, CRIBA finished the Mitre project in 12 months. The next underground garage is being built seven blocks north under the Parque Las Heras in Palermo, and the third is planned for the Plaza Noruega in Belgrano. (Full Story in Spanish)

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