“Revenge Of The Tow Trucks” Now Playing In Puerto Madero

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Revenge Of The Tow Trucks…It sounds like a summer blockbuster, but it’s actually a winter preview of life when tow trucks and progressive parking meters will blanket 10,000 blocks of Buenos Aires.

The sneak preview is playing out on the sterile streets of Puerto Madero where tow trucks are hauling off illegally parked cars left and right.

According to La Nacion, the majority of Puerto Madero neighbors and business owners actually support the heightened enforcement in the barrio many once viewed as Buenos Aires’ free parking garage.

“We are totally in agreement with the presence of tow trucks in Puerto Madero, because parking is a total mess. Today our streets are filled with the cars of downtown workers who leave their cars here, because it’s free. They park everywhere, they block handicap ramps, and it’s always the same old story,” says Mirta Fernandez of the Puerto Madero Neighborhood Association.

With Operation Tow Truck in force, the NIMBY neighbors now want the progressive parking meters installed in Puerto Madero ASAP. The installation of tickeadoras would be the final blow of technology over trapitos, the street urchins who charge 15 to 20 pesos to let thousands of vehicles park illegally in Puerto Madero every weekday. (Full Story In Spanish)

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