Recoleta Subte Station Construction Halted For Relocation

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Recoleta Subway Station

El Subte avanza…just not as fast as some taggers would like. The H Line Recoleta station will now be relocated.

Construction of the new Subte station in Recoleta was halted this week in the wake of opposition from neighbors and environmental groups.

Announced last January, the Recoleta Subte station was originally going to be located beneath the Plaza Intendente Alvear, a large swath of green and trees bordered by Avenidas Alvear and Pueyrredon in the front and the Centro Cultural Recoleta in the back.

La Nacion’s Laura Rocha says Sbase, the government agency overseeing the construction of the new H Line, has decided to halt construction at the Plaza Alvear and return the coveted green space to the public. Neighborhood opposition was one of the tipping points for Sbase, as well as unanticipated cost issues.

The US$50 million station was planned years ago before there was any talk of a potential transfer of the Subte to the City of Buenos Aires and the associated costs with running and upgrading the 55-kilometer underground network.

The Recoleta station was originally scheduled to open in September 2015, but that deadline will certainly be pushed back now that a new location must be chosen. The president of Sbase says the best location would be on the other side of Avenida Alcorta next to the Law School, while the space between the Plaza Francia and the Museo de Bellas Artes is another option on the table. (Full Story in Spanish)

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