Tales From The Worst Residential Buildings In Buenos Aires

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Billboards, boliches, kids and karaoke can be red flags for those in search of paz y tranquilidad.

120 beats per minute shaking you out of bed at 4:00 on a Tuesday morning. Greasy kitchen exhaust and garbled karaoke pummeling your balcony non-stop. A neon Jumbotron lighting up your living room with Quilmes, Pepsi and Samsung commercials 24/7.

These are just some of the tales that Buenos Aires condominium dwellers share with La Nacion’s Veronica Dema in a very colorful Society column titled Living Uncomfortably: The Hell of Sleeping Among Noise, Tremors & Bright Billboards.

In an effort to show that bad neighbors or living situations can be found anywhere in Capital Federal, the author interviews the owners and renters of apartments in multiple BA neighborhoods including Colegiales, Palermo and Villa Crespo.

In all cases, the resident’s quality of life had deteriorated since original move-in due to new neighbors moving into adjacent buildings and making major changes to the interiors (residential homes turned nightclubs or karaoke bars) or exteriors (radio stations with large neon billboards) of those buildings.

High-traffic adjacent fire and police stations were two additional red flags mentioned, as were two types of non-stop singers: drunks on the street and kids on adjacent balconies.

In a related article, Diego Martinez says you should probably avoid buildings where the footprints of robbers cover the exterior balconies. He interviews residents of a five-story Nunez condominium with only fourteen units. Half of the units have been robbed with four of those robberies occurring during the past six weeks. (Full Story in Spanish)

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