VanityBA: Argentina Car Wash Owners Attack The Local Weatherman

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The local TV news is Argentina is not that much different from local news is other corners of the world: well coiffed animatronic figures reading off teleprompters, mindless banter between anchors, a sports guy who spews lots of cliches and a weatherman who is revered in the community. Who among us doesn’t love the 5-day forecasts they dispense on a nightly basis? Well, apparently Argentina car wash owners.

If you thought Saturday’s Boca v. River showdown was this summer’s Superclasico, think again. “The Battle of the Summer: Car Wash Owners vs. TV Meteorologists” is the headline of an article today in Cronista.

The car wash owners fired the first salvo this week with a letter posted on their website accusing local weathermen of exaggerating rain chances in their forecasts thereby deterring potential car washers from making a run to the neighborhood lavaautos.

Atilio Krenn, the president of the Argentina Chamber of Manual & Automatic Car Washes (CALAMA) tells Cronista “every time the forecasters are wrong on television it ruins our livelihood. If they say ‘It’s going to rain tomorrow,’ we don’t work that day or the following day. People believe that what these people say is the holy word, and there are entire programs that revolve around the weather repeating the forecast ad nauseam ”

In a carefully crafted rebuttal, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) claims their forecasts are 84% accurate during the first 24 hours and 70% accurate over the next 4 days. They also cite history in their defense. According to the SMN, 2012 was the fourth wettest year in Argentina’s history since 1900. (Full Story in Spanish)