Buenos Aires Developers, Projects Target “Inversumidores”

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Two new articles over the weekend emphasize the shifting nature of real estate investment options in and around Buenos Aires.

“Creative Products In Times of Crisis” is the title of an interesting market survey in Ambito Financiero’s weekly Real Estate supplement which describes current market offerings as lower priced, “not as popular” (as condominiums), and typically offered with peso-indexed financing.

Undeveloped lots in BA suburban gated communities, marina slips and parking spaces in Buenos Aires top the list of options for, what Ambito calls, “inversumidores,” the investor/consumer hybrid looking to pay now in lower monthly installments with an eye toward building in the future (residential lots) or earning income immediately (marina slips/parking spaces). (Ambito PDF download link)

“New Buenos Aires Construction Continues to Be Geared Toward Investors” is the headline of Clarin’s analysis of the Buenos Aires real estate status quo compared to the past decade during which 161 million square feet (15 million m2) of new residential living space was built, a figure equivalent to a quarter-million condominium units with an average of 645 square feet (60 m2).

Clarin says Belgrano, Caballito and Palermo were on the receiving end of half of all new units built over the past decade, although the 2010 Census suggests there was greater population growth in the more affordable neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. (See How Much Does Real Estate Cost in Buenos Aires?) (Full Story in Spanish)

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