Buenos Aires Forum Courts Chinese Investment in Argentina

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Bilateral relations between Argentina and China are strong and getting stronger thanks to this week’s Forum to Promote Chinese Investment in Argentina held at the Palacio San Martin in Buenos Aires.

The event brought together representatives from 18 of China’s largest companies together with dozens of Argentine businessmen looking to cultivate strategic relations with their Asian counterparts.

The Chinese executives in attendance represented sectors ranging from metals, banking, real estate development, pharmaceutical and renewable energy among others. Cecilia Nahon, the Argentine Secretary of International Economic Relations, said the Chinese are considering a wide variety of investment projects in the country, while Argentine corporations seek to tailor their export strategies to meet Chinese demand.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, China has emerged as the lead investor in emerging markets and one of the most important strategic investors in Argentina. After several years of consolidation of bilateral relations, Argentina has been the recipient of significant Chinese investment in sectors ranging from energy, petrochemicals, transportation, agroindustrial, mining and autoparts. (Full Story in Spanish)

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