Citi: Buenos Aires Ranks Among The World’s Top 5 Global Megacities

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Investment Opportunities in Buenos Aires Argentina

Global Megacities: Click image for the full Top 12 ranking including Quality of Life comparisons.

London, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Shanghai and Buenos Aires will be the The Top 5 Global Megacities of the next 15 years, according to a new report from Citi. The ranking looks at GDP growth, population growth and GDP per capita growth forecasts for 2025. Business Insider has the Top 12 slideshow.

Massive rural-to-urban demographic migration, increased productivity and wealth creation will be major trends in the coming decades, so it’s understandable why BRIC nations factored heavily into Citi’s Top 12. In fact, 9 of the Top 12 were BRIC megacities including 2 in Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio), 1 in Russia (Moscow), 2 in India (Mumbai and Delhi) and 4 in China.

The three non-BRIC cities, London, Mexico City and Buenos Aires, were all among the Top 5 Global Megacities. 2025 forecasts for BA included GDP growth of US$289 billion, population growth of 1 million and per capita GDP growth of US$18,866. In neighboring Brazil, population growth is also forecast at 1 million in Rio and 3 million in Sao Paulo while combined GDP growth in those two cities is forecast to be US$600 billion.

For the sake of comparison, InvestBA added recent Quality of Life rankings to the mix including 2009/2010 numbers from Mercer and International Living. Not surprisingly, Buenos Aires ranks in the Top 3 among all Megacities faring much better than major metros in any BRIC nation, with the lone exception of Hong Kong which edged us out in the Mercer Quality of Living Index. Of the 12 megas, BA (72) is second only to London (73) in the International Living ranking followed by Rio and Sao Paulo (70).

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