VanityBA: Couples Divorce Every 90 Minutes In Buenos Aires

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A couple gets divorced every 90 minutes in the City of Buenos Aires, and for seven out of ten parejas, it marks the end of a relationship that lasted a decade or longer.

The new numbers from the City’s Statistics and Census Bureau found that 5,866 Buenos Aires couples filed for divorce in 2012, a rate of sixteen per day or one every 90 minutes, writes La Nacion’s Angeles Castro.

The same data show the Buenos Aires divorce rate rising faster than the marriage rate. While there were three BA marriages for every divorce in 1990, today the ratio is down to 2:1. The average age of men filing for divorce in Buenos Aires is 46, and the average age of women is 44.

BA divorce data also suggest the majority of matrimonios were in it for the long-haul. 33% of Buenos Aires divorces were couples married for between 10 and 19 years, while 37% were married 20 years or longer. Only 10% of BA divorces were filed by couples married for five years or less. A smaller subset of that group file for divorce under Article 214, the statute which waives the three-year marriage requirement for BA divorce-seekers.

Casto interviews Gustavo, a 44-year-old BA psychologist who falls into that special NDR (necesito divorcio rapido) subset. After living with his ex-wife for eighteen months, the couple’s marriage only lasted nine months. “There was a domestic violence problem,” recounts Gustavo adding, “She began to threaten me with knives, and I decided that I could not continue by her side.” (Full Story in Spanish)