BA, Montevideo Among Top 10 Latin American Hotspots

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MasterCard released their annual Global Destination Cities Index today, and both Buenos Aires and Montevideo rank among the Top 10 Destination Cities in Latin America.

The third annual ranking and forecast of international visitor arrivals and expenditures in 132 cities worldwide predicts the Top 10 Latin American destination cities will receive 15.4 million international visitors in 2013.

By city, the Top 10 are as follows: 1. Mexico City (3.1 million), 2. Buenos Aires (2.6 million), 3. Sao Paulo (2.4 million), 4. Lima (1.8 million), 5. San Jose (1.4 million), 6. Rio de Janeiro (1.4 million), 7. Bogota (0.9 million), 8. Montevideo (0.7 million), 9. Quito (0.6 million) and 10. Caracas (0.5 million).

Beautiful infographics on the MasterCard website show the Top 5 cities of origin for Buenos Aires visitors are Sao Paulo, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid and Asuncion, while the Top 5 cities of origin for Montevideo visitors are Buenos Aires, Santiago, Porto Alegre, Miami and Asuncion.

The 15.4 million international visitors traveling to the Top 10 Latin American Destination Cities in 2013 are expected to spend $14.7 billion this year with half of the spend going to hotels, restaurants and shops in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

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